hey thotties!

so.......i never gave an update on my semester so heres a lil one for ya:

that was not it. i failed one class but i expected it so im not freakin over it. i went on winter break and enjoyed doing absolutely nothing the end.

now i changed my major and i still think this shit sucks!!! as im typing this its my first day back and guess who missed her first class? :) me :) bc im a dumb hoe who cant manage her time so im kinda about to have a mental breakdown and i still want to die but what can you do? :)))) ik its only its like 11:17 am but i hate it and this palce is so ToXiC and i am not about it (its not im just a dramatic sad thot) thats all.

also dont inbox me ways to enjoy college bc i delete them and its a waste of your time :)