Hi loves, this is an article to bring attention to all those students who are either struggling with the spanish language for their school, trying to get a review on their work, regularization for their grade, help for their exams, or starting to learn the language!

I'm a 21y old girl from México, born and raised here, my mother language is spanish and I would love to help you guys with the difficulties that you might have with this language to achieve the skills in the learning of the language as:

reading comprehension




I'm studying to be a teacher, I'm on my fourth semester, however I've teached how to read before, write and pronunciation since I'm learning about phonetics and phonology. It doesn't matter if you're a begginer, intermediate or an advanced I will help you with the technical spanish or "formal" spanish, will give you tips on how to become better, vocabulary, easier methods for when reading in spanish, tips on pronunciation and will help with that so you will have the best pronunciation, everything will be totally explained on online classes !

The payment would be via paypal, the cost of it can be discussed. The payment will be used to pay my bachelor degree since I need a little help with it! how you feel about $5dlls per class?

I hope you consider it! I would love to help you guys! Please share this
Message me for more information!