Hi everyone!! I love fiction writing and fun, creative article challenges like these, so I thought this would be so fun! Here's the original

Day 1:

what is the name of your character?

☼ Lilliana

hair, hairstyle, and starfish image girl, dance, and dress image alone, emotional, and fallin image beach, shell, and summer image

how old is she? when was she born?

☼ she is 19, about to turn 20 ; modern era

book, girl, and read image fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image

where was she born? where does she come from?

☼ Atlantis (in the castle)

Image by 0321 summer, travel, and girl image turtle, cute, and beach image bubbles, ocean, and sea image

how tall is she? how much does she weigh?

☼ average height ; slim

Image by Argerona blue, aesthetic, and cinderella image

does she go to school (name of the school)?

☼ she has private tutors for different subjects

book, beach, and summer image book, library, and architecture image
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