He says "it's just a alk, i just want to tell you something, no big deal"
But then.. he says the words: 3 words, 8 letters. I can't, it's too much

i love you

I feel overwhelm, my heart is racing and my head is spinning. What can i say ? Do i have to say something ? OMG. Is it for real ? Are we there yet ? I mean okay. It's been 4 months. That's kinda long i guess. Still. I am not ready. Or am i ? I need to calm down.

Are you okay ? Why are you not saying anything ?

uh. I'm lost. I wish those words could come out of my mouth instead I'm just staring at him.

i love you baby

And i guess i love you too but i can't say it. When you are not around i miss you. I'm addicted to you. I can't live a second without thonking about you.

Millions of thouhts are running through my mind, i feel wierd, i feel uncertain, i feel addicted, i feel overwhelmed.

And then, everything becomes crystal clear and those words come out of my mouth.

i love you too.

that's the article of today. I hope you liked it, it is to be honest quite different but i feel it's good. I am trying to be more activ so i hope you gys like it. I'll be back soon with a collab ;). Love ya. Xxo.

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