The rose is not only beautiful and has a good scent. Can be used in many ways.

🌹 What is the rose water?

Rose water is produced during the production of rose oil. The oil from the petals of the rose is squeezed, and the rose water is extracted from the petals by distillation.

🌹 What is rose water good for?

Rose water has been used for thousands of years in beauty care.

1. Rose water has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it helps to reduce redness and irritation of the skin. It is therefore excellent for eczema, psoriatic skin, but also for acne. It is also effective in case of sunburn.

2. Rose water hydrates the skin: on the one hand, it contains plenty of water and contributes to maintaining the skin's natural water retention by balancing the pH of the skin.

3. Thanks to its hydrating and antioxidant effect, it helps to slow down the “aging” of the skin, ie the appearance of visible signs and wrinkles.

4. Hair is also hydrated and revitalized.

5. Although it is less well known, but it helps in hair growth, as it helps the blood supply of the hair follicles, they get more nutrients and accelerate hair growth.

🌹 How to use rose water?

1. Sprinkle on your face: Is your scent fantastic, tonic, hydrated. But when to squirt?

-Arclothes after tonic instead
-To enhance the moisturizing effect over the cream / oil
-In the meantime, even over makeup, you will experience an immediate moisturizing effect
-Great warmth as a refreshment

If you choose this, you should buy it in spray form

2. Sprinkle on your hair: On the one hand, your hair will be super-scented and on the other hand will moisturize and revitalize your hair.

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