Hi, this is the translation of my text called "Historia". I hope you like it

I discovered myself thinking about you again, while I'm looking through the window, listening to the frogs croaking and the cool wind rubs my skin.
And more than an hour after starting to write, it's hard to me to tell our story; how the hope and imagination kept it alive, because that's the way it worked; you imagined that I would be like the person you loved, and I hoped you to love and appreciate me like I did with you.
Both situations, have never happened, because everything was a big and toxic vicious circle, where we came back again and again, looking for cover on the well-known.
But, one day, we met again after we over came a storm that seemed sempiternal. We talked for hours, realizing how the time had taken an effect on us. That day, we said goodbye without knowing it, kissing and hugging for the last time, transmitting the affection that we still felt for the other, giving the last scraps of love.
This is how our story concludes, with questions without being asked, with answers kept in the deepest of our hearts. And with some apathy and pain, I say goodbye to you, it was a pleasure to share this love story with you.