First things first, I just wanted to say that my first language is french, so these words are based on what I heard from people who are learning french :)

1- Grenouille.
I personally think that people are hilarious when they try to say this word. The difficulty probably comes from the sound ''ouille'' , which doesn't really exist in English... Anyway, this word means frog.

frog, animal, and nature image

2- Feuille
This word means sheet (like a sheet or paper) and leaf. In french, we use the same word to describe these two things. Again, the difficulty comes from an unknown sound in english, which is ''euille''.

Image by szilagyikamillaevelyn

3- Écureuil

This is the most funny word to hear from a not-so-good-in-french kind of person. It is hilarious and probably can cure depression. It means squirrel :)

Image by Pearl Aranda

4- Bouilloire

This word is not very useful in an every-day conversation but it's still pretty difficult to pronounce. The equivalent of this word in english is a kettle.

autumn, fall, and kettle image

5- Gueule

Now this word is mostly used in Quebec and it's not a very nice thing to say. Here, we use it to say ''mouth''. For example, to say ''shut up'' we'll say ''ferme ta gueule'' which can be translated as ''close your mouth''. The word ''gueule'' is used in France as the mouth of an animal, we really only use it in a specific way in Quebec. It's not considered as a bad word, but let's just say that children under 9 or 10 shouldn't be using that word.

aesthetic, mouth, and teeth image

6- Épanouissement

This is a tricky word because it's kinda long and there's quite a lot of different sounds.. To be honest with you, we rarely use this word, since it means ''blossoming'' and no one really uses that word for pretty much anything. It actually represents someone who is complete and is very happy. Just like a flower that opens up and let the world see all its beauty.

beautiful, blossoming, and beauty image

7-Last but not least, accueillir. Sincerely, this word is just a whole lot of trouble. It's hard to say, to write, to conjugate... It means to welcome and man, good luck to pronounce this right!

(There's literally no good picture for this word, it's too messed up)