Hello. I'm Ana and I'm addicted... addicted to easy dopamine.

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What exactly is easy dopamine?

Well, do you know that sweet feeling of fulfilment you get when you're watching a movie or TV-show or when you're mindlessly scrolling on Instagram and laughing at some memes, or when you eat some junk food or just lay and avoid going to the gym. It all seems like the best idea while doing it, because it makes you feel good. Oh, so good! And that high is given by dopamine The easy dopamine (how I like calling it) we get while slacking off, while putting real life on hold.

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But don't you kinda hate yourself after or even DURING indulging on this dopamine, because you didn't get some work done, because you didn't workout and you feel stiff, because you feel sleepy and tired after staying all day in bed or eating some junk?
Yeah, me too...

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Identifying the problem

One of my biggest problems is binge-watching. It keeps my brain entertained. I'm actually both ashamed and amused at how addicted I've become. I can't do anything mildly boring, like cooking or doing my make-up, without having my brain beg for some kind of entartainment.
I can watch an entire season of Friends on a school day and in the last 2 days I've watched Pewdiepie for 9 hours. 9 F--KING HOURS and still no homework done.

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I've lost focus and I have a lower attention span than a goldfish. My eyes are tired and I feel sluggish.


For the next 40 days I will be the most productive self I have ever been to gain momentum see how it will affect me and my thoughts.
I have been inspired by this video and even though I'll not be following it exactly, it may be helpful to someone else:

So for the next 40 days I will be completely cutting out the following:
-Going to sleep and sleeping in late
-Mindlessly scrolling on Instagram (how do I delete the explore page?!!)
-Junk food and sugary foods
-Basically everything that makes me happy (just joking)

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The things I will start doing:
-Do schoolwork and extend my general knowledge
-Read more
-Workout regularly
-Hydrate and feed my body well
-Be more social
-Go out more
-Take better care of my dog
-Keep a clean environment
-Keep toxic people out of my life and cherish the kind and good people
-Track my progress
-Create more
-Read/ watch the news

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The main goal of this challenge is to train my brain to be more focused, and to crave to get work done. I know that it will be a litle shock for it but the brain is also a muscle so let's make it strong.

Some inspo to get you started.

I will also include tips (for example a yogurt-honey face mask does wonders to acne scars) and my experience along the way.