When it comes to English music, I tend to be attracted to underrated songs and artists, I just think they are better than most well-known artists, so here are a few songs that I'm currently obsessed with:

Charlotte Cardin

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This lady here has a voice of gold that people are sleeping on.

- The Kids
- Double Shifts
- Dirty Dirty
She has other great songs, but those are my favorite.

Lydia Lee

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This woman is so underrated that I couldn't find a single picture of hers.

Her Songs:
- Blue
- Paralyze Me


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They are just amazing.

Some of my favorite songs of theirs:
- Undo
- Longshot
- Bad intention

Sarah Close

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This babe is just so talented.

Some of her songs:
- You Say
- Only You

Jeremy Zucker

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This guy is multi-talented with great set of music.

my current favorite song of his:
- comethru


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- Family tree

Thank you for ready my first ever article, hope I helped you discover new music!