Hello, guys! So I decided to create a little article series called Alter Ego that details the personality traits of the people in my alternative universe. It may sound weird, but I've always found comfort in creating characters in my head who are different from me, ranging from the way they dress, talk, act, etc. The amount of hearts and reactions I get on these articles doesn't matter to me, but feedback is much appreciated!
I hope you all enjoy. xoxo
P. S. This season will include articles from other We Heart It writers.
She's into conspiracy theories, mysteries, and the alternative rock scene.
Her brain is like a tornado.
Every cruel word ever thrown at her circulating violently in her memory at all hours of the day.
It's like a routine for her.
A routine Zahra struggles to break free from because her world is an easy target when it comes to environmental disasters.
Who's to say she'll ever be free from such a disastrous domain?
Who's to say she isn't living in a conspirative world that was built due to her own obsession?
This is a mystery she can't quite solve and she only has herself to blame.
Zahra. Zesty. Agressive. Hardy. Rough. Alternative.
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