I am anxious
I can’t sleep
I think
I am anxious and nervous
I try to change it
I have been doing it forever
my life is like a fight
I feel anxious when I am not moving somewhere
I am afraid of my future
Even though I try to plan it
I am afraid not to open my potential
Not to do things that I could do
I am afraid not to find love of my life
I am afraid not to leave up the expectation of parents

I am anxious
When I don’t have a vision
A goal
At least the small one
I am lost without goal
Without inspiration
I am anxious when I do nothing
However I always do something
But then I think wether I do right things
Wether direction is right
Why I don’t see the result now
I feel like wasting my time
My life
And then panic coming

Anxiety is an ugly feeling
Because it is like you are swing and worrying
it seems to like you are occupied, but you are staying in one place and moving nowhere
You are just burning your nerves
You are burning inside

And nothing helps
Just action and hope

You make one more step and hope that it will become better
Even if everything is okay now
Anxiety can leave, but it will return

I live in my thought about future
But not in today
And with all of anxiety and chaos, which it brings i feel how I miss the beauty of the moment

But possibly even this feeling makes sense?
It is hard to find good side in not that pleasant feeling
But every negative experience teaches
Make us grow
We won’t be us without emotions that we have
Because they influence our thoughts
And our thoughts shape us
And make us who we are.

And possibly one day we will be thankful for anxiety for making us so strong, humanic and understanding.
We will see.
But now we should enjoy the moment.
Without hurry.
Everything has its time.