There's a limit to which a human being can be taken. When it's exceeded we start to question everything. What did we do to be taken to that exact moment? Why do we have to be going through this? Why this situation was created? And most of the time the answer for all these questions is only one: you did nothing. Just because your going through something, it doesn't mean you deserve it. With time I noticed that you can only be put down by someone if you let this person do this. Something people don't get is: a struggle doesn't have to be struggle. Everything depends on how you face your problems. What emotions do you release in difficult situations? Do you react with bad energies? Or do you try to look on the bright side of them? This makes a big difference. You can choose to suffer or you can calm down and try to solve the problem with an open mind. Your mind is a weapon. It can be used to great things but it can also be used to bad things. You can decide how to react, you just have to take a deep breath, take some time to clean your mind and only then you'll be able to react properly. Always remember: communication is the key for everything. If your friend or one of your relatives did something you didn't like, you should go there and tell them politely. This will make you feel better with yourself cause you'll know you did your part. This doesn't mean you have to be an open person, it just means you take your mistakes and you are ready to forgive people when they tear you down. Negative energies bring negative things to your life. And positive energies bring positive things to your life. All the power you need is on your mind, you just have to use it for good. It will benefit not only you but others too. Nothing and no one can tear you down without your permission.

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Gabriela xx

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