Hi you, my name is Lage and i am a student of english, and i am doing this challenge to practice my english, so first off all, sorry for my mistakes in general :) and thats it

day 4. "make a list of five places you want to visit."

This is so easy

1- France

Of course, the most gringe place in the world, but i don't care

city, paris, and travel image

2- Mountain place, anywhere

nature, tree, and mountains image

3- Cinque Terre, Italy

italy and travel image

4- NY

ps: i think this photo is from ny, i am not sure

winter, city, and new york image

5- Forks

river, fog, and forest image

i absolutely love this place

Ps: i said "this is so easy" but when i start to write all the places in the world disappeared from my mind.