Happy Friday! Start your weekend off right with our faves from this week!

Prose Custom Hair Care

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We’ve been officially using Prose for one month, and our hair has never felt better. After taking our Prose hair consultation, we received our custom pre-shampoo, shampoo and conditioner that has completely brought our hair back to life. Seriously -- it’s THAT easy. Head to Prose.com, tell them your hair goals and be prepared to be amazed with your results.

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Allies of Skin

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We learned our skin’s love language… turns out all it really needed was Allies of Skin. Your skin will be thanking you, too, once you give their new serums a try. From treating large pores, uneven textures, breakouts and more, to boosting your skins collagen over time and healing inflammation… these serums are no joke. Hello glowing skin!

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Ariana Grande 7 Rings

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7 RINGS IS SO GOOD. Go listen to it right now to save a life. And if you’re ready for it (and trust us, you may not be) go watch the music video. We’re still recovering from it’s beauty.

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WelleCo Super Elixir

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This is your all-in-one daily green superfood powder that is about to nourish you from the inside out. Just add this amazing formula to a smoothie every morning to support 11 systems in your body for increased energy, stronger immunity and glowing skin. Thanks, we’ll take five.

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Decorate your space with the cutest art! From your favorite sports teams, to your dream travel destinations, Ikonick has a print for you. Our favorites right now? The Lips Series.

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