I tried to forget you, I disperately tried not to talk about you, not to think about you anymore. You weren't close and I couldn't even reach you, and that pushed me to go over you.
I felt so lonely, I had my best friend by my side but let's be honest, no one can make me happy like you. I feel like a stranger in this world but when I'm with you that feeling fades away. I don't like to say it because it feels so repetitive in my ears, but when I'm with you I truly feel at Home. And I don't have to say that, but I depend on you. I always hated to depend on someone because I loved, and I love, to be by my side all alone and be independent, but with you all my rules are vain. I continued to tell myself that you weren't the right one, that my heart only belonged to me but that wasn't true.
When I came to you after months, you just asked me a question: how did I succeed in loving you? That was an hard question because you knew the answer but you wanted certainties. I had to explain my feelings and that was really difficult because, whenever I tried to tell you how I felt, you seemed so distant. I couldn't reach you and that destroyed me.But now, look at me, look at us, we are so close that I can't even distinguish the borders between "me" and "you" and this is as beautiful and incredible as distruttctive.
We are like fire and ice.
We will end up destroying each other and that will be an astounding collapse. Galassies will remember it for us. Forever. And I will always love you, my ばか