I didn't include any Harry Potter -movie music in this playlist, because I have so many favorites in that franchise that I will do a separate playlist to those.

"Main Theme" from Jurassic Park
"Southampton" from Titanic
"Time" from Inception
"Arrival to Earth" from Transformers
"Theme (from Spider Man) [Original Television series]" - Michael Giacchino
"The Imitation Game" from The Imitation Game
"Love Theme" from The Godfather
"Main Titles" from Now You See Me 2
"The Avengers" - Alan Silvestri
"The Maze Runner" from The Maze Runner
"The Finale" from The Maze Runner
"Married Life" from Up
"The Feather Theme" from Forrest Gump
"I Need You" from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
"The Tour" from Catching Fire
"Capturing Flag" from Divergent
"The Batman Theme" - Danny Elfman
"At Wit's End" from Pirates Of The Caribbean, At Worlds End (there is a really beautiful part that begins somewhere in the beginning of minute 3)
"End Titles" from Dunkirk

"Main Title" from The Game of Thrones
"The Avatar's Love" from Avatar: The Last Airbender (can only be found from YouTube)

I chose these as honorable mentions because they (obviously) are TV pieces.

I will post later a second movie theme playlist because I really really love movie music and I had to left a lot of my favorites out to keep this nice and short!

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