the universe works in mysterious ways.

its been almost two years since he broke my heart. and almost two years since i've seen him in person. in all that time, i've been trying to get over him and move on. and just when i thought i could do it - put him in the past where he belongs - he, of course, just had to pop right back into my life.

in the two years that we've been broken up, i haven't run into him anywhere. not at the mall. not at the movies. not at stores. not at parties. not at school.

until now.

for some reason, the universe suddenly decided that we need to see each other a couple times a week. because somehow we ended up with back-to-back classes this semester, and now we're being forced to see each other every time we have class.

it's honestly surreal. i haven't seen him in almost two years. i'd gotten used to that. accepted it, even. and now i'm going to be seeing him a couple times a week for the next five months. i can't believe it.

i don't know if the universe is conspiring against me or what. it kind of feels like it is. i mean, our situation is just so...weird. there's no way to avoid each other. the parking lot we have to park in is so small. it can only hold like ten cars. so we have no choice but to park a few spaces from each other. and he keeps parking by the entrance to the building where our classes are held so when he's getting out of class and heading to his car i have no choice but to walk by him as i head into my class. it's a situation i never thought i'd be in. especially with him.

i don't know if its a test to see if i'm over him or if its just a coincidence or whatever. but i do know that its torture. seeing him after all this time is a shock. i don't know what to make of it. part of me is secretly happy about it because it means that he has to acknowledge me. i'm no longer out of sight and out of mind. but a part of me doesn't like it because how can i possibly expect to get over someone and not think about them when i'm constantly having to see them???

idk. these next five months will be interesting. maybe in some weird way this whole scenario will help me to get over him. guess we'll find out.