At the start of January, I posted an article about my goals and the changes and improvement I want to make this year. I suggest you read that one first and then moving on to this one:

This will be my first check-in. I will be doing one every half month. I hope this will inspire you and you will learn some new methods to help you be more productive and achieve your goals.


  • I have been doing the 30-day abs challenge by Blogilates where I do 100 repetitions of an ab exercise every single day. Abs for the win! Sometimes I do other workouts, mostly stretches and a bit of yoga.
  • I have not gone running because it's winter I can't handle that yet.

Wellness and Self

I haven't meditated a single time yet. My last two meditation sessions were at the start of December last year. I haven't journaled either. I'm afraid of journaling, to be honest. I'm scared of unlocking painful emotions and bringing them to the forefront of my attention and consciousness.

Art, Writing, and Languages

  • I practiced drawing only once this year on the 6th. Needless to say, improvement is needed!
  • I haven't done any creative writing this year yet. Another thing that needs to be improved!
  • I've studied Swedish once this year on 6th January and I will make sure to study a lot more often


  • My makeup IG has been going well. ✔ I've been posting regularly all January so far, except on the 12th January. Check me out here, please! 💕
  • My photography IG has been on hold for a long time because I want to reorganize my feed, search out my archived photos on Google Drive and come back strong. Please, check out my account
  • Reading is going well, I'd say. I've read most days, mainly before bed. I finished a charming book by John Burroughs called Squirrels and Other Fur-Barers. It was lovely, I recommend you read it too! Check out my reading progress on my Goodreads


  • My blog Writing over Coffee has not yet been self-hosted because I still cannot afford it. I'm writing content for it, though. You can help me afford the self-hosting and domain by donating here
  • I have posted two articled on Medium so far and am currently working on a third one. It would mean the world to me if you check them out

This wraps up my check-in! I will do my best to improve on things that I've been slacking on before the next check-in comes at the end of January. I will think of some challenges to give myself for February, too. Maybe you'd like to join me on those!? I hope this was inspiring for you!

Thank you for reading! My messages are open if you wanna chat about anything!