I am such a big movie nerd so enjoy

1. Hereditary

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This movie is a horror movie about a mom who performs a seance to talk to her dead daughter and winds up summoning a demon. Sounds pretty basic but the twist had me so surprised and the entire movie had me on edge.


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Bandersnatch is about a boy who wants to make a video game based off of his favorite book which is a choose your own adventure book, but it's a Black Mirror movie so of course it isn't normal or happy at all. This movie is so unique, fun and weird. I loved everything about it. Very dark and twisted.

3. Coraline

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This movie is about a little girl who moves into a new house and discovers a door to an alternate universe where everything is just how she wants it to be. Coraline is deadass the best movie ever created. It's so cute and very visually pleasing but also very dark and twisted (you can see the common theme so far) for a kids movie.

4.Call Me by Your Name

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This movie is about a boy named Elio who falls in love with his dad's american apprentice, Oliver. THIS MOVIE IS SO CUTE AND MAKES ME CRY EVERY TIME.

5. Thoroughbreds

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Another dark and twisted movie. This movie is about two friends, Lily who feels everything and Amanda who feels nothing. Lily's stepdad wants to send her away to boarding school and she really doesn't want to so her and Amanda develop a plan to murder him. Literally such a good movie and so fun and thrilling.

6. Me, Earl and the Dying Girl

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This movie is about a boy who falls in love with a girl with cancer. I love this movie because it makes me feel every emotion. It also sorta makes fun of the clicheness of these types of movies and is quite unique compared to the rest. Highly recommend for sad boy hours.

7.Scott Pilgrim

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This movie is about a man who falls in love with this girl named Ramona Flowers, yet to be with her he must defeat her seven evil exes. This movie is so unique and I love the video game, comic style of it. Very funny and cute.

8. Sixteen Candles

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This movie is about a girl who's sixteenth birthday is forgotten due to her sister's wedding taking place on the same day. A CLASSIC.

9. Baby Driver

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This movie is about a getaway driver but doesn't want to be. The plot is actually sorta hard to explain because there's so much and I don't want to spoil anything but it is a very beautiful movie. I love the aesthetic of the cinematography and I adore the way that the music is incorporated (not to mention the soundtrack is the best ever).

10. IT (1990 and 2017)

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These are both about a town called Derry being haunted by Pennywise the clown. They're both so great and I personally cannot choose a favorite since I love them both in different ways for different reasons.

I have way more favorites but I will leave it at this