(First of all: I don't speak English, so i'm sorry if there are any mistakes in the translation)

[September 10, 2018]

I had it all. I was so happy in those moments. I had it all in my hands, without being aware that it wasn't something tangible.

It was like the illusion of an oasis in the desert, my own desert. I longed for that beautiful oasis from afar, wishing i could reach it.
Innocently, i decided to go there. Sure of my decision, i tried to get closer but no matter how many steps i took, the oasis was kept at the same distance.
Little by little i began to feel that it was getting futher and further away from me. And then the night came.
The oasis was gone. My oasis. My precious and dream oasis was gone.
What during the day was an intensley warm and illuminated desert, had become into a frosty and dark night.
I had it all. I had you, yes... or so i thought, but all I've got right now is sand escaping through my fingers and a deep, painful void in my soul.

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