In collaboration with @MisguidedVibes on their series "Alter Ego." Hope you enjoy! All constructive criticism is appreciated.

The town isn’t what it looks like on the outside.

The outside seems welcoming, bright and cheery enough to embrace you in its arms and to never let go.

But the inside is cold, and it exploits you of any worth you have only to never let go.

The people in Aden are either soulless or attempting to escape from the town and themselves.

They say that the people who escape are the lucky ones and that they’ve been saved.

But Aden has a way of indoctrinating people so deeply that those people will blame themselves for ever wanting to escape.

Some of the people come back, but of course, the spirit of Aden laughs and ostracizes the people until it pulls the trigger.

Aden. Appalling. Damned. Evil. Noxious.

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