So I personally am not an Instagram baddie, but I do know how to become one so here goes.

first section: clothing
you probably are going to want to own some designer items, or items that look very high quality. If you go to thrift stores you can find designer items for a really good price.

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color coordination is ver important. You don't have to be completely monochrome, but sticking to 1-3 main colors per outfit is really helpful.

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for going out to go someplace like maybe clubbing look for fabrics that stand out to you.

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for day to day shoes i would say that sneakers are a good choice

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for shoes to go out or clubbing in i would say a stiletto or sandal is definitely the way to go

Image by クロス˚ shoes and boots image

also here are some day to day baddie outfits:

Image by Chloe bag, body, and fashion image

next section is accessories
so first of all NEVER over accessorize. For bags a small designer bag, or fanny pack works great.

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jewelry is mainly for when you are trying to dress up. So i wouldn't wear these everyday

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the next section is for beauty

ok so first i want to talk about skincare. Washing your face, and putting on moisturizer is great. Also having the occasional day where you just take care of your skin is a must.

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here are some natural makeup looks for a day to day look:

makeup, beauty, and eyes image beautiful image

now here are some fuller makeup looks for going out or looking more formal:

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this next section is for posing for pictures

selfie inspiration:

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other poses:

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