Hi Lovelies! Here's my online Dream Board, capturing my goals for the new year! I hope you enjoy and get inspiration from this ♡

1. Create an animated story!

animals, animated, and beauty image animator, youtuber, and winter image animation, art, and youtube image cartoon, guy, and tired image

2. Make an amazing glow up video using makeup!

inspiration, motivation, and quotes image self love, self care, and glo up image

3. Make a fitness journey video to show my before and after progress for this year!

Calvin Klein, body, and outfit image motivation, quotes, and fitness image girl, fitness, and fit image quotes, myself, and motivation image

4. Make a skin care video on clearing up my skin (when I'm happy with the results)!

beauty, cosmetics, and skincare image makeup, glossier, and cosmetics image girl, cindy kimberly, and beauty image bath, chill, and relaxing image

5. Post a glamorous photo on Instagram.

pretty, blonde, and quotes image girl, city, and coffee image beautiful, fashion, and outfit image beautiful, fashion, and outfit image

6. Post a bikini photo on Instagram.

girl, summer, and beach image alternative, body, and gorgeous image

7. Go to a Black Pink Concert!

Image by raquel bangkok, rose, and roseanne image blackpink, lisa, and rose image background, lisa, and lalisa manoban image

8. Go to Disneyland!

Image removed Image removed disney, disneyland, and minnie image balloons, blue, and disney image

9. Make a sweet and gentle cover of a song ♫

music, simpsons, and bart image anime, cartoon, and stocking image spongebob and funny image Hot, adventure time, and playing image

10. Travel to beautiful places!

fashion, blue, and Greece image city, japan, and night image beautiful, boat, and lights image model, photography, and mountains image