Dear you,
it's been a while since I've written an article like that but now I'm back🌈

Let's appreciate!

➸ Swimming Pool

girl, friends, and food image
who doesn't love swimming and having fun with friends (or even alone) at the pool parties?

➸ Hot drinks

coffee, heart, and drink image
it can be coffee, chocolate, tea, anything ! what counts is its temperature😉🔥

➸ Woods

snow, cold, and winter image
nature is so wonderful🌈

➸ Showers

bathroom, aesthetic, and gold image
possibly hot ones!

➸ Art

art, van gogh, and museum image
it is something so fucking special, unique.

And that's all! I hope I helped you finding out what are the small things in life you should appreciate more :)


in case you were interested ;)
in case you wanted more ;)