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- and i think that each one of us will need some extra motivation this upcoming year! what better to motivate yourself with than inspiring sayings and deep thoughts? we've got to keep strong now and live by those quotes i'm going to share with you, everyday. remember: life is tough but so are you.

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№ I

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don't try to impress the others, rather try to impress yourself with your progress, persistence and results

№ II

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people may get attracted by the physical appearence first, but whether or not they fall in love depends on the soul


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self-preservation is really important if you want to survive, even if it means that you should say goodbye to something or somebody

№ IV

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move on and forgive yourself

№ V

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"falling down is part of life. getting back up is living"

№ VI

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"... because you represent yourself, not the others"


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being the ray of light for someone gives meaning to your life


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always listen to the art inside of you

№ IX

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never be afraid of risks. they are more afraid of you than you are of them

№ X

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you can always find beauty in life. one you stop complaining and start seeing with your heart

№ XI

the last one will be my personal advice for you.

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take most of life. accept challenges and do mistakes. fix them and learn your lesson. try again and succeed. believe in progress, believe in results. give love to get love. live now. and enjoy your lifetime.

thank you for reading!