Do you still remember how you courted me? How you win my heart?, do you still remember the first kiss that made my heart skip a beat I wonder how you felt that time. Do you still remember the nights we spend talking about our future? Do you still remember how confident you were when you first held my hands, how we use to sneak out just to meet each other in the park, do you still remember the flowers you gave me? They were my favorite..

I wonder how you really felt about me, a studious type of girl, The girl who has nothing but innocence, You thought me a lot of things about a relationship, you were so sweet..

Months after laughters turns to tears, sweet talks turned into screams and awful words, sweet memories were replaced with painful ones, endless conversations became shorter and shorter..

Until one day, I saw you with someone else i looked at the two of you while you do the things you use to do with me, my eyes felt warm and tears started falling from my eyes.

I forgive you, even though you didn’t asked for forgiveness I forgive you even i didn’t hear you say the word “sorry”, you visited me.. and you heard nothing from me just a simple “how was your day?” And a smile on my face. You didn’t notice the pain behind my smile.

I spend most of my nights crying, asking myself where did i go wrong? , am i not enough? Am i that easy to be replaced? I can’t even look at the mirror.. ‘cause all i see is disappointments, How i wish you were there to comfort me, to give me a hug because i badly needed one.

Until one day I woke up and I felt nothing, it was like i became numb, i woke up one day and your name doesn’t matter anymore.

All the feeling i had with you was gone,

But somehow, just like what taylor said “she lost him but somehow she found herself”

Years have passed, you have given me a lot of lessons, instead of saying “ i hate you “ i want to say “thank you”..

Thank you for ignoring me, that way I learned how to be more patient and understanding

Thank you for all the bad things and for all the bad words you said to me, that made me stronger.

Thank you for taking me for granted, I learned to love without expecting something in return.

Thank you for cheating on me, I learned how to be loyal, because i know how painful it is to know that you are not enough.. how much it lowers someone’s self esteem.

Thank you for everything it made me who i am today, It made me a better person.

Thank you without you i won’t find the Man who has made me feel loved, the who man respected me, the man who’s been with me through ups and downs, through thick & thin.

I became a better lover and partner to him, He was the one who wiped the tears in my eyes and put up a smile in my face when you were busy dating other girls.

He showed me What really love was.

I wish you nothing but happiness in life, No more grudges. I forgive you again, i forgive myself too..