helloo, i am finally able to write. life is so, you know. anyways today another style article, something i love; combining shirts in different ways. i'll try to explain piece by piece some of the combines that i find inspirational, here you go;

style image

shirts with long sleeves is my favorite piece lately, just a normal shirt that has long sleeves that covers hands (not buttoned on the sleeves)

Image by k a t e ~

oversize shirts with full black, just as here Jk combines

Image by k a t e ~

black pants, black designed t-shirt and a shirt of your desire

nike and outfit image

one other way i love using shirts is for the sleeves, long sleeves either left loose or bended

kfashion image Image removed

different ways of using shirts for the sleeves

Image by k a t e ~

a white shirt with black pants with bended ends and a belt, always a go to outfit

hope it was helpful, thank youu.

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good bye for todayy