Happy 2019 everybody! Here's my first arcticle of the year!

𝓐ge: 19

𝓑est features: I love the way my eyes are shaped, they're also pretty big and have a gorgeous light brown/hazel color with a hint of green

sunburn, golden hour, and hazel green brown eyes image
(not me)

𝓒olor: dusty pink

baby, pink, and necklace image

𝓓rink i had last: coffee

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𝓔veryday starts with: a glass of water

𝓕avorite show: How To Get Away With Murder, Breaking Bad, La Casa De Papel

how to get, htgawm, and away with murder image breaking bad, jesse, and aaron paul image
Abusive image

𝓖reatest accomplishment: getting into the university I wanted

𝓗eight: 168cm

𝓘n love with: music and dancing

𝓙ob of my dreams: performer

𝓚ids: I want at least 2 kids but maximum 4

𝓛ast thing I ate: an apple

𝓜arvel Superhero: Iron Man

:), <3, and cool image

𝓝umber of siblings: One younger sister

𝓞ne song: It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) by The 1975

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𝓟erson I last texted: a friend from university

𝓠uestion I'm always asked: when people see me together with my sister they always ask who's the oldest because she is way taller than me

𝓡easons to smile: life is beautiful and short so we should all smile

𝓢exuality: straight

𝓣ime I wake up: around 10am

𝓤nderwear color: black, it's always black😂

𝓥acation place: number 1 on my bucketlist is currently Italy

italy, travel, and venice image italy and travel image

𝓦orst habit: procrastination

𝓧-Rays I've had: none

𝓨ounger self advice: don't trust people so easily

𝓩odiac sign: Pisces

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Thank you very much for reading, until next time, take care