It cannot be denied that every year we desire to be healthy, motivated and inspired. So, today I am here to help you create your dream board in order to not forget your goals and stick to them as well.

1.Write down your goals

It is really important to write down your goals, because when you can read your goals, you can visualize them better. From my personal experience, it's more efficient to separate your goals into sections such as personal, school/college, health etc.

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2.Collect pictures and quotes from textbooks, magazines etc.

The second step is to find and collect pictures that represent your personality and goals.For example, if one of your goals for this year is to be more healthy,you can collect pics which display a healthy lifestyle such as food, workout clothes and many more. One more example, imagine that you desire to sharpen your knowledge, then it would be ideal to find quotes about knowledge or a huge variety of pictures which inspire you to be a better person and start reading books.

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3.Make your vision board

The third step and my favorite one is to create your dream vision board. You can use either a poster paper or a piece of paper would be great!! Be creative and put your pictures on different places and just try new things.One more tip is to place your vision board somewhere in your room that you can see it every morning and feel inspired and motivated!!

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These are all the tips that i have for you guys regarding how to create your dream vison board.If you create a vision board,i would love if you send me a postcard/message so that we can inspire each other.You guys are so talented and creative!!

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