Hello! I decided to do this article (my first actually, so don't judge me too hard) about some things you can do to be more productive and have a better performance in college base on my personal experience.


So, first I want to talk about being healthy because taking care of your body is very important. Some things you can do for achieving this is:

  • Drink water
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I know, I know all the people say this but actually it is a good tip. I try to drink at least 2 liters of water per day. How? I have a bottle of water that is about 1 liter and when I am at college I try to keep it always full so I'm constantly drinking from it.

  • Sleep well
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Sometimes, mostly when we have a lot of exams and homework this is hard to do, but we have to try to do our best because when we don’t get enough sleep our brain isn’t working as well as we need and in my experience when I don’t get at least 5/4 hours of sleep I act like zombie and don’t remember anything. Obviously the goal is to sleep 8 hours but let’s be real sometimes it’s just impossible.

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Also try to exercise or be as proactive as you can if you don’t have time to go to the gym try to walk and climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator.


Time is everything doing the things on time can be the difference between driving crazy and being a straight A student.
Ok ok, not like that either but it is important. Here are some tips:

  • Be organize
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Believe me this is going to do your life so much easier and you wouldn't have to lost time looking for something. You can start with your notes, try to make them in order so you can study easier; and also you can try organizing your clothes the day before going to class (this helps you a lot so you are not running like crazy in the morning).

  • Don't leave everything for the last minute
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For us, students this is like our rule we tend to do this very frequently and this give us so much stress so my best recommendation is to do a schedule with all the activities, projects and evaluations in where you can plan to do your evaluations with more time and start doing it.

This are just some tips I hope you can use for yourself and well if this article goes right I'm planning to do more of them being more precise.

Also you can follow my collection in where I collect all sort of thing that I think can be useful for college. Here there is:

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