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1.My friends

My friends are everything to me and without them honestly I don't know what I would do without those beautiful humans in my life.
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2.Somehow finding great music

I'm very proud of my music taste and I'm very glad that I somehow stumbled upon these bands and artists.
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3.Chill parents

I am so blessed to have parents who are chill with me expressing myself. They let me wear whatever I want, color my hair however I want, pierce anything I want, wear makeup and just all in all express myself through how I look. Without them being laid back about these things I would be nowhere close to as confident as I currently am.
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4.The library

Not to be that person but the library truly is like a third home to me. It's so calming and I love the smell. I have been going their since I was very young and I love the feel and everything about it.
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5.Being able to attend the amount of concerts I do

Concerts are my happy place and I am so blessed to be able to go to so many. Concerts are the best thing ever!!!