Hello everyone! I know this article is way too early (almost a month ahead of its time), but I decided to hop on it before anyone else got the chance to. Plus I have tons of Valentine's Day article ideas and want to make sure I get through them all.

Like me, I bet you're wondering where you and your significant other should do for Valentine's Day? Well here are some ideas for you!

Movie Theaters

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This is the go-to idea for anyone, especially the younger couples because it's a place everybody knows and there is no extensive amount of money being spent. I especially recommend it for people who haven't been dating long, it's an easy date.

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If you're a bit older and have been dating longer you can step it up and go to a drive-in theater. Yes, they do very much exist. Plus they are inexpensive yet a little more romantic than a movie theater.


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Simple yet not too casual.


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This idea is a bit pricier than the last one. It's up to you on which restaurant you go to, but I highly suggest not choosing someplace like "Chili's" or "TGI Fridays". It's not very romantic and unique. You want to make it memorable and special, no? Now I'm not saying you have to go over the top and go to a lobster dinner, either. Choose something nicer than normal, yet affordable.


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Classy, but not too formal.


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If you and your partner are more of the cultural explorer type, go to a museum. It will be a new experience for both of you and for the most part, you simply get to enjoy their presence for the night and the way they appreciate art.


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Chic, classy, and sleek.

Stay at home date

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I honestly believe this is the best idea here because it's cost efficient and you can mash some of these ideas together to make one great date. This is especially convenient for couples on the younger side with a tight budget and curfew. Rent or buy some movies, make some food, buy snacks, and you've got yourself hours of happiness with your one and only.


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Totally up to you! You can go full luxury or as casual as sweatpants

Book store

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This is my dream date. I've always wanted to go to a book store with someone and have them pick a book for me to read and I do the same to them. You can spend the night walking through the library, eating and drinking at the local café, and even look into some of the shops around the book store.


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similar to the movie theater.

Those are five fun date ideas for you guys! I would have put things such as dancing or other more mature dates, but I feel as if the majority of the users on here are around the age I am, therefore these ideas seem more fitting. But this works for a wide age range so it's all good. Hope I helped!

Until Next Time,

Giselle : )

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