I've seen many guides about losing weight but I barely see any on how to gain weight. This was requested on my Instagram account so I decided to upload it here too! :)

Remember that this is HEALTHY weight gain. Every body is different and that means not everything will work for you, but don't be afraid to give it a try!!

Avoid binging on soda, cookies, and junk food.

This will make you gain weight but will also destroy your health.

Eat more than you burn

Track your calories. If you want to gain slowly, eat 300-500 more calories than you usually do. If you want to gain fast, aim for 700-1000 calories more.

Avoid drinking water before your meals

Water makes you feel fuller and eat less. This is what people do when losing weight.


It helps with weight gain as it builds up body mass and the body's tissue. Make sure to vary your protein sources and try to consume it with every meal as well as pre and post workout. Examples:
↝ meat, fish, eggs
↝ dairy products, legumes, nuts
↝ beans, dark leafy greens, chia seeds

Carbs & Fats

Increase your carb and fat intake at least 3 times a day. They're restricted when losing weight so make sure to do the opposite.
↝ Carbs: dairy, fruit, grains, legumes, starchy vegetables, sugary sweets
↝ Fats: nuts, olive, fish & coconut oil, chia seeds, avocado, flax seeds

Avoid long cardio workouts

Cardio is key in LOSING weight, so avoid it preferably. You can limit it by only running a couple of times a week for short periods of time to stimulate blood flow and help moderate your weight gain but if you're really interested in gaining weight and feel like doing cardio, compensate it by eating more calories than what you lost.

Weightlifting & resistance training

Build muscle mass instead by incorporating weightlifting into your gym routine 2-4 times a week. Take into consideration your age and any health problems you may have. You can also try short high-intensity workouts. They incorporate major muscle groups based on free-weight exercises and help build muscle.

Eat energy-dense foods

Eat whole-single ingredient foods since they contain many calories. Some examples are:
↝ nuts: almonds, walnuts
↝ dried fruit: raisins, prunes
↝ high-fat dairy: whole milk, cheese
↝ fats & oils: extra virgin olive oil
↝ grains: oats, brown rice
↝ meat: chicken, beef

I hope this was helpful for you!
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