I love winter. Mainly because of the many outfit possibilities. You can overlay. Plus, the overknees. C'mon, there is nothing better in life than coffee and boots.
In this post I want to share my favorite winter outfit with you because I am completely in love with this one.


Two years ago, I watched the VS show and I fell in love with their way too short skirts. I dig everything that is so high waist, so when I saw them. I wanted one too! Although I had no idea where and how I could wear them, because as I already said, they are way too short.

Adriana Lima image
Like this on Adriana Lima is wearing here.
sara sampaio, fashion, and Victoria's Secret image
Or the one Sara Sampaio wore


So, I thought about how I could wear it. And then, the whole belt bag trend came and I suddenly had the idea. What if I wore the skirt as an accessory. And that's what I did. I wore it with a pair of bleack really thick leggings, I bought from Gerard Darel. I loved how the black and the pattern of the skirt fitted together.
As a top, I took my black turtleneck from Zara, but in Germany is too cold to wear it just like that. So, I took my pastel gold rain jacket, which I bought last year from Max Mara, and wore it as a top. Meaning, I put it in my skirt, so that the high waisted look won't be ruined by the jacket. What, as you sure know, usually happens.

Mature image Mature image Mature image


I didn't want this street style to be to elegant, so I took a pair of boots -did I already mention I LOVE BOOTS?!- I bought from a thrift shop. This pair looked as new and cost only 8$, plus they have a cool 80's vibe.
However, because this outfit has no pockets AT ALL, I had to take a bag too. This big animal print bag was perfect. The colors fit with the rest of the outfit, plus I really liked the combination between the gingham on the skirt with the animal print. Besides that, my camera and MY WHOLE LIFE can fit in.
As for my personal touch in EVERY outfit I wear (the head accesories) I took this cool off white hat.

I hope you liked this article. If you like MY STYLE, check out the collections below. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to write me, I will answer as quick as I can.