Hello Hearters and Kpop fans/enjoyer/dreamer whatever... sorry :`)

We are here to another if iwere to create a Kpop idol

This time I am going to create a solo idol, cuz my previous were both groups. If you want to check them out, I will link them here :)

btw i just wanted to add somewhere, I don´t know all of these people, so if i am using a idol, it is not on purpose, it is just because I think the picture is fitting for my imagination :)

Well, let me introduce her:

asian, beauty, and female image
it is this little cutie here
ulzzang, asian, and couple image
Her name is: Ryuk Tae-Ran
couple, asian, and boy image
stage name: Ha-Na
aesthetic, girl, and kpop image
birth date: 20.04.1995
girl, ulzzang, and aesthetic image
birth place: Seoul, Korea
asian, asian girl, and girl image
she´s been a trainee for quite some time, but they didn´t find fitting member for a group, so she debuted solo and man, she killed the stage
aesthetic, asian, and black image
character: weird, weird, weird, extra as hell, but hella cutie tho
Image removed
features: doll like figure, strong voice, voice rang from husky to strong highs, talented dancer
aesthetic, food, and beige image
loves: snacking
let´s get to her styling,
her concept and debut stuff will be done there !
fashion, outfit, and clothes image aesthetic, japan, and kpop image fashion, outfit, and asian image fashion, outfit, and style image
casual outift
random fact: she would like to have a fashion account on insta, selling her own fashion
fashion, kfashion, and style image fashion, kfashion, and aesthetic image ariana grande image katherine mcnamara, beautiful, and kat mcnamara image
stage outfits
boots, christmas, and clothes image fashion, style, and girl image Image by ‍princess Rose fashion, style, and yellow image
airport fashion
fashion, style, and grunge image fashion, outfit, and style image asian, kfashion, and korean image outfit, clothes, and fashion image
talk shows
random fact: she is really loved by the international fans, that´s why she often perfomes in american and english TV
quotes, woman, and words image girl, strong, and woman image
strong woman, she want to show girls, that they are strong and can be as successfull as man,
aesthetic, girl power, and feminism image vintage, girl, and tumblr image
a bit mixed with grunge and 80ties western revolution feeling, retro m/vs
anime, girl, and aesthetic image pink and retro image
debute date: 23.05.2018

hope you had fun :))