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That's going to be my motto this year seizing the moment and having a more positive approach to life🎇 and here are the steps that i'm following so join me in this adventure and let's see if by the end of 2019 we tick them all off let's begin:

🎀Suround yourself with good(chocolate a good tea music getting your nails done a facial don't underestimate that) block out the bad dont let it seep in and poison your existence i know its harder said than done but let's just give it a try

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🎀for every negative idea or worry I get I replace it with a positive one
for exemple if my demons will list every Single thing that will go wrong trying a new idea or method I will come up with ways that will make it work instead

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🎀 gratitude I will do my best in being more grateful instead of critical over my appearance circumstances or surroundings

🎀changllenge myself more within reason so I dont get disappointed but I won't limit myself to things that I know will work

🎀getting out of my comfort zone working hard on trying new things and making many of my belated dreams come true no matter what

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🎀counting on god for all of this cause he never dispoints me or
let me down he is with me every step of the way

Thank you god for everything and I hope will make those resolutions come true 🙏💗
I hope this article will help you get over bad vibes and blue moods😊 be happy 🎇
good luck🦋

Ps :reading books helped me loads and not self help books regular chicklits and romantic ones sometimes with hearbreaking stories but good morals 🌸🦋
I can talk about my little library if you want in another article or Instagram post let me know in the comments