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She's doing an article where you pick a Greek god/goddess and she gives you an aesthetic for 2019.

My article is New Year's resolutions for the signs but not just "go to the gym more" or "drink more water" resolutions. These are self-improvement resolutions. Little things to make you feel better and be more positive. You can obviously use your sun sign but your moon sign and rising sign are more important for these so make sure to check those too. If you don't know what hose are, Quickly check this article out:

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Be more patient. Not everything happens right when you want it and not everyone works at the same pace as you. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and reevaluate and that's okay.


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Be more accepting. Realise people can have different opinions and different perspectives. Just because someone believes something different, doesn't mean they're wrong. Sometimes you just have to accept that and move on.


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Be more careful. The things you say have the power to hurt people. Just because it doesn't seem like it to you, doesn't mean you don't hurt them. Likewise, the things you say have the power to lift people up. use your words for good.


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Be more confident in yourself. Don't put your self-worth in others. Nobody can validate yo except you and nobodies opinion matters except you. You need to learn to love yourself before anyone else can.


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Be more genuine. Stop being too scared to be the real you because you think people won't accept you. If they don't like you, that's their problem. Ignore them and live your life for you.


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Be more understanding. Stop getting mad when someone doesn't do something exactly how you want. People have different ways of doing things and that's okay. You don't need to control everything. Chance are, everything will turn out in the end. You don't need to walk away, just loosen your grip a little bit.


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Be more decisive. You have to eventually choose and what you choose won't always be the right choice. It's okay to be wrong. It's okay to not be perfect. Nobody is perfect. you just need to accept your choices and move on.


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Be more vulnerable. You have to learn to let people in. Being emotionally vulnerable with the people you love isn't being weak. It shows that you're strong and that you trust them. Sometimes you'll get hurt but it will always worth the risk.


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Be dependant. There's a difference between being independent and being aloof. It's okay to need support and be dependent sometimes. You can still be strong and independent and need help sometimes.


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Be satisfied. No matter how hard you work, nothing will ever be perfect. You need to accept that. Just because what you do isn't perfect, doesn't mean you're in some way a failure. Learn to be okay with your mistakes and accept the imperfections.


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Be okay with being "normal". Stop being different just for the sake of being different. It's okay to like mainsteam things. It's okay to not being constantly unique. Stop forcing yourself to like things just because other people don't. Just like what you like.


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Be more proactive. Stop procrastinating. All it does is hurt you in the end. Yes, it can be overwhelming. Just step back and prioritise. You have to get it done so you might as well do it right away so you can relax.

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