Hey! This is a little fun and something I must admit I've thought about before. This isn't a 'guys should be this standard and nothing less' because as the title suggests I will be building my own man with thoughts of how I want him to be. I hope you enjoy my first article and like my built man!

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Lets get into it !

Name: Joon-Ho (Ayamu)
Age: 20
Birthday: 7 / May
Birth place: South Korea
His scent: Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and honey calone
Height: 6'3 ft
Weight: 98lbs
Language: Korean and struggles with English

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A handsome but cute squishy face!
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Black or brown hair
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Body: Physically fit, strong but no huge muscles.
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Style of clothes consists of the above so mostly casual but can dress up well.


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- Humour/ Funny; a sweet sense of humour that can have joke with anyone when time appropriate, he knows peoples proffered humour and can slide a joke in a conversation even if all it does is make someone smile.
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- Kind to strangers; he would help the lost kid find his mother, hold a door open for the old couple slowly coming or chase someone for dropping something. All without anyone asking.
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Gentleman; in holding doors open and giving me a hand with my bag and asking how my day was. He would always know what to say and want to have restaurant dates and Netflix, pajamers, no effort dates. He would give me his coat in the cold and would offer his umbrella in the rain.
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- Social life/ Friends; He has caring friends which he keeps close to his heart. They will go out for walks and hang out at the skater park and cafes, they all became friends because of skating and school. He talks to his friends as he would anyone else except they have random nicknames to do with food or something they enjoy. His given nickname by friends would be Ayamu after his favourite anime character.

Positive person; he is a glass half full. A very down to earth boy who wants to lighten the world up a smile at a time.


Skate boarding, Stars, Anime, Art/drawing, Pop rock and Jpop, Reading manga and Movies.


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Food - Unhealthy

Colour- Midnight blue

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Shoes- Vans

Quote- "If things don't go right go left."

Loves Skating on the long board as his best friend Ryan showed him how to convert the skills he learnt on the little board to a long board.


Name: Park Seojin
Birth place: South Korea Seoul
Age: 43
Height: 5'7 ft
Interests: Cooking, Candy Crush and Hairdressing
Job: Chef
Likes: Flowers, Reading, Candles and Surprises
Dislikes: Lies, Unhealthy snacking and Snow

Name: Park Kwang-Su
Birth place: South Korea Yongsan-Gu
Age: 48
Height 5'9 ft
Interests: Design, Crosswords and Sons lives
Job: Architecture
Likes: Taking his family out for meals, Candles, Creating
Dislikes: Lies, Some one seeing his sketches for work before they are done and Snow

Brother -
Name: Hon-Yong
Birth place: South Korea
Height: 6 ft
Interests: Skate boarding, Electronic technology, Challenges
School/Job: Six form and a part time job in the restaurant his mum works in.
Likes: Phone games, Sports, Anime and Food
Dislikes: Waiting, Snow and Chores.

- Mum and Dad married 16 years
- Brothers get on well
- Good Family bond
- Talk Korean amongst themselves
- Welcoming to anyone
- Mum is strict but for their own good
- Mum and dad makes both boys lunch each day even if they are just in the house all day to make sure they eat properly.
- Eat both Korean and British food
- Uncles and aunties cut ties with the family.
- Nana not in the picture after she left to go exploring the world
- Grandma and grandpa send birthday and Christmas chards and visits on New Years and Easter.
- Family holidays once every two years
- Family have lived in England for two years.


.: Thank you for reading!! :.
Hope you enjoyed and made it through all the info, I added family and friends details but some vaguer then others as its based on my made up man. I hope you enjoyed and will read more articles on mine, I am thinking of doing more but with different tags.