In today’s teaching world, teachers have to keep up with the current trends with technology, and by embracing these changes, you can reach your students in ways you never could before. Students love iPhone and iPad apps, so why not teach them with their own tools? Here are the top 20 apps from for English teachers and students:


This would be a good app for an English class because with this app, the students will learn new vocabulary everyday and they have to option to save words to reference later.


This app allows students to have classic literature at their fingertips. With the Stanza app, students have access to over 50,000 free pieces of literature, as well as the option to purchase over 50,000 more. This would be a must-have for an English class.

Grammar Up

You can’t have English class without grammar, but with this app, quick grammar references are at the student’s fingertips. This app also has a quiz feature, so students can test their knowledge on grammar.

Perfect Rhyme

If the students are writing poetry, and need some rhymes, this app provides rhyming help according to endings and syllables.

Writer’s Studio

This is an educational and fun app that allows students to write text, edit, and incorporate graphics, artwork, sound, and music. This is a miniature publishing app that would encourage writing and publishing with students.

Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every student of English must be in want of a thesaurus. This thesaurus app, created by Oxford will give the students word variety and the etymology of the words they seek.

The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms

This is a must-have app for an English student because students are exposed to all sorts of difficult literary devices. With this app, all of these literary terms are available for reference, so their next paper will sound like a PhD dissertation.

The Hundred Best English Poems

This app gives students access to the book “The Hundred Best English Poems,” which was published in 1904, and highlights some of the greatest poetry from British Poets.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

As with a thesaurus, all English students need a proper dictionary. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary app will give students access to definitions, so they won’t struggle with word meaning while they’re reading War and Peace.

Literary Analysis Guide

This app, which was designed by an English professor, helps students to understand the difference between the poetical, prose, and rhetoric. Each “wheel” of the three types, gives all of the conventions of that genre, so students will be able to analyze text in a deeper, critical way.

Poem Flow

This app will give students a greater appreciation for the rhythmic qualities of poetry, as the app reads and animates poetry for the student. This app was curated by the Academy of American Poets, and features some of the greatest poetry from around the world, through the ages.


This is the Microsoft Word of apps. “Pages” allows students to create, edit and save documents like traditional office programs on the computer.

My Writing Spot

This is the perfect tool for students during NaNoWrMo, when students are challenged to write so many words a day of a novel. “My Writing Spot” lets students write chapter of books, and save them for later. This allows the student to write and save wherever they are.

Writing Prompts

This is the app for creative writing! Writing Prompts gives students over 600 prompts for creative writing to really get the creative juices flowing.

Word Press

This is the app version of the Word Press blog on the internet, so students can write individual or class blogs from their iPads.

Plato Book Collection

This is the perfect book collection for teaching Plato’s rhetoric to students. This app includes 25 of Plato’s works, which is the perfect tool for any student of philosophy, and rhetoric.

Keynote Remote

This app allows the students to make “powerpoint” like presentations from their iPads, presentations which they can create, control, and display right from their iPad. This is a good app for students when they have to organize information and give presentations.


This app is a notepad and voice recorder that allows the student to record notes and synchronize them with AudioNote. This allows the students to take quality notes, and teaches them organizational skills.

30,000 Great Quotes

With this app, students have access to 30,000 quotes, which aid in the rhetorical practices of writing papers. Students are always encourage to include relevant quotes in their papers, so with this app, students have thousands of quotes to choose from.

Writer’s Forum

This is the app version of Writer’s Forum, a writer’s journal that has tips, advice, and anecdotes about being a writer. Students can also learn about pursuing publishing, as well.