January, 9th, 2019

Hello everyone!
Today I'm going to make a list with some colors and its meanings.
Do you know the real meaning of your favorite color?

The color blue means tranquility, serenity and harmony, but it's also associated with coldness and monotony.
It symbolizes the water, the sky and the infinite.

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Red color means passion, energy and excitement. It's a warm color. It's associated with power, war, danger and violence.
It symbolizes the flame that keeps desire alive and represents the feelings of love and passion.

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The color green means hope, freedom, health and vitality. Green symbolizes nature, money and youth.
It's the color of living nature. It's associated with growth, renewal and fullness.

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The yellow color means light, warmth, relaxation, optimism and joy. Yellow symbolizes the sun, summer, prosperity and happiness.
It's an inspiring color that awakens creativity. Stimulates mental activity and reasoning.

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Pink means romanticism, tenderness, ingenuity. In fact, other characteristics such as beauty, softness, purity, fragility and delicacy manifested by pink color.
Pink is the color of emotions, affections, understanding and romance. It represents the feelings attached to the heart, like true love.

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The color purple is linked to the mystical world and means spirituality, magic and mystery. Purple conveys the sense of sadness and introspection.
It's the color of transformation.

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The orange color means joy, vitality, prosperity and success. It is associated with creativity, because its use awakens the mind and helps in the process of assimilation of new ideas.
Energy, enthusiasm, communication and spontaneity are words associated with orange.

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The black color consists of the darker color of the whole spectrum of colors and symbolizes respect, death, isolation, fear, loneliness
It can also mean elegance, dignity, luxury and sophistication.

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White color means peace, purity and cleanliness. It's a symbol of peace, spirituality, innocence and virginity.
It's a color that suggests liberation, which illuminates the spiritual side and reestablishes the inner balance.

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Hope you liked!
I'll be posting Articles every week.
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