This is just a small list of beautiful countries I'd like to visit someday, hopefully my bank account will be able to handle that.

1. France (duh)

paris, travel, and france image france, paris, and travel image paris, travel, and france image beautiful, sun, and france image paris and vintage image france, nice france, and monaco image

2. Japan

paris, girl, and city image pink, japan, and flowers image city, escape, and japan image Image removed fish, water, and koi image autumn, japan, and red image

3. UK (United Kingdom)

city, bridge, and london image london, city, and Big Ben image flowers, nature, and tree image snow, winter, and christmas image culture, history, and rest image culture, history, and rest image

4. Canada

batman, drawing, and buildings image canada, ontario, and niagara image nature and waterfall image mountains, nature, and camping image bohemian, canada, and exile image canada, ontario, and CN tower image


ireland and medieval image ireland, kerry, and nature image bay, cliffs, and cliffs of moher image city, Cobh, and ireland image beautiful, harrypotter, and ireland image dublin, ireland, and lovely image

6. Germany

germany image city, travel, and autumn image berlin, city, and germany image autum, germany, and Herbst image christmas, germany, and snow image arquitectura, lugares, and Ciudades image

7. Australia

australia, beach, and outback image beach, bondi, and Sydney image australia, holidays, and ocean image ocean, summer, and surf image australia, Sydney, and sidney image adventure, australia, and beach image

8. Greece

Greece, travel, and blue image beautiful, outfit, and fashion image acropolis and greek image art, beautiful, and sculpture image architecture, buildings, and travelling image