I couldn't get this idea out of my head so here we go:

(EDIT: this has been updated to include specialized techniques that I think fit each of the boys!)


Image by jaybird balance, black&white, and bw image Image by Kaley bts, jungkook, and kpop image
fire nation Avatar; reckless, powerful, ambitious, brave

avatar state

aesthetic, comic book, and wanda maximoff image quote, frases, and love image



Image by jaybird flag and red image meditation and nature image Image by jaybird
dragon of the east; has been mentoring jungkook since they were young; strong silent type

lighting generation/redirection

Image by Bethan Mullen aesthetic, blue, and hands image



Image by jaybird sword image map, travel, and vintage image bts, jin, and kim seokjin image
white lotus warrior jin; only nonbender of the team; leader

melee combat

sword and katana image fantasy image



Image by jaybird architecture image asia, china, and culture image jhope, bts, and hoseok image
three-time earthbending champion; likes cute things; yoongi's best friend

metal bending

alternative, Marvel, and boxing image aesthetic image



Image by jaybird ocean, waves, and blue image Image by Kida Smith Image by jaybird
southern water tribe; ready to prove himself; born fighter

ice manipulation

beautiful, cold, and photo image glass, hand, and broken image



Image by jaybird Image by julide fish, dark, and theme image Image by jaybird
northern water tribe; unnaturally powerful yet reluctant; mischievous


water image black, cover, and covers image



Image by jaybird beautiful image fog image Image by jaybird
spiritual mentor; passive agressive; navigator/advisor

spiritual projection

dead, falling, and life image meditation and zen image


Short Summary: In an effort to stave off the growing group of anarchists determined to wipe out all spiritual remnants on Earth, Jin of the White Lotus calls on the aid of young Avatar Jungkook. Determined to live up to the countless legacies before him, Jungkook starts out on his mission, collecting friends and teachers on the way to bring balance to the universe.