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As we say "thank you, next" to 2018, and enter 2019, our number priority for the new year should be our happiness. Its time to embrace small and easy habits that will make you a happier person in 2019.

You don't have to have an elaborate plan to be happy - no need to spend $1000's on clothes and shoes to make you feel better about yourself. All you need are these 12 small ways to bring more happiness in your life:

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There's nothing more satisfying than indulging in some delicious comfort food - especially when you eat it while watching your favourite youtube channel or TV show.

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If you've been following me for a while now, then you know just how much I highlight the importance of celebrating small victories. No matter how tiny your victory is - celebrate! when you take the time to recognise your small accomplishments, you will feel more compelled to continue working hard to reach your ultimate goal.

Additionally, you don't always need someone to celebrate your achievements in order for you to acknowledge your success - because if, for some reason, the person you tell your good news to isn't really in a good mood- and they give a lacklustre response: your victory will lose its shine - and you will no longer look at your achievement with excitement anymore. This is why its vital to be your own cheerleader because you will be assured that you will always give yourself an energetic response to all your victories.

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Social media should not be your only source of entertainment; Having this much dependence on it can have very detrimental effects on your mental health. It can be the root cause for your depression and anxiety - especially when you are constantly comparing your body image, and your life to the "perfect" people you see online - wishing that you were someone you aren't.

I know that social media has practically become a part of our lives - apps like Instagram, twitter, snapchat etc make it exceptionally difficult to put our phone down; but for the sake of your mental health, find fun activities outside of social media - and this brings me to my next point..

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While you are taking a break from social media, why not take a walk?

Step outside and take in some fresh air and enjoy the scenery - this will put you in such a great mood.

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Plug in your music, close your eyes and just let the music take you to an entirely different world.

I suggest you listen to any of Sabrina Claudio's songs - her soothing voice will make you feel so calm and relaxed.

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The wrong perspective on life will hinder your own progress; it will lead you into making bad decisions, following bad habits - and as a result you will end up losing good people around you, as well as, life changing opportunities.

A change in perspective can make all the difference. For instance, maybe you should start embracing what you are good at than worrying about the things that you suck at and can't change..its all about perspective.

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Have you ever thought that the one of the reasons why you might me feeling stressed all the time is because your environment is a mess? A disorganised environment will make you easily agitated and will put you in a bad mood. A clean and well organized space, on the other hand, will uplift your spirits and make you feel like your life is in order. So ensure that you make your bed, declutter and rearrange your closet, clear your desk, take out the trash, etc.

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Sit quietly, meditate, focus, relax and get in touch with your inner self.

Meditating is a great way to reduce pent up anger and stress, its also the perfect way to control your anxiety.

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Light up your day by buying yourself a bunch of flowers or pick flowers from your garden, place them in a fancy vase and put them in your room.

Fresh flowers have a positive impact on your well-being, so don't wait for a secret admirer to get you flowers - get yourself flowers as much as you can to boost your mood.

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When you've got no one to talk to or you just want to keep certain information to yourself - write in your journal. Journalling is an excellent way to de-stress: you gain clairty and feel calmer.

You can even have the option of writing in the notes app on your phone whenever you feel down - I do this and I feel a lot better afterwards.

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Spending time with your pet is a nice distraction - they just have a special way of making us happy again especially after a rough day.

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There's nothing more satisfying than drinking a cold glass of water. Your whole body just feels so cleansed and refreshed.

Make sure you are constantly hydrating yourself throught the day; carry around a water bottle with you so that stay healthy and happy.

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Take care of your skin: exfoliate, do face masks, spray rose water on your face etc. Wash off all the impurities from your face and watch your mood instantly improve.

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As i'm sure we all know: getting minimal sleep turns you into easily irritable, irrational zombies.

Adequate amount of sleep on the other hand, will reduce stress, and make you energetic and alert. So stop scrolling aimlessly on IG and go to sleep - there's nothing worth seeing that's better for you than sleep.

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