Today,really,it was not my day.

First I didn´t wake up,my mother woke me up.

Th worst part of this is that when I was at the bathroom and I realised that I had my period.When I got my period I used to stay at home and rest the whole day while I´m dying.

Today was different because my english classes started today so I had to go...

It didn´t go well.My mom came with and I was so nervous like actually really,really nervous.I was about to get into the room when I renember one of my worst memories.

The thing is I started to study english in the most popular english academy but It didn´t go well too.I didn´t learn anything because there was a lot of students but I was to shy to make new friends so I renember all the breaks alone. because as I said It is the most popular in the city that I live.So my parents took me to another academy where I´ve been study two months ago.I decided to go back to the popular academy.

I went back where my mum was and I tried again but I didn´t because of that memorie.So I ask my mum to go home.First she shout at me and then we were going baak home when I see my cousin with my aunt .I went to the room because I didn´t want them to see me.That is when I realised that the classroom was full of students and the teacher ask me to go for a desk so I went and my aunt was gone so I told mom to go back home.

She started to yeling me all the way back home while I was crying because of the shame and my mother´s words.

And the worst part is that I have to go back on Thursday and see the teacher´s face who had the worst attitude when I came in


I hope you like it.Because I don´t but well I think it was a good idea to write it.