Hey guys!

A new year has begun and this year I want to live much healthier than in 2018. In this article (which is my first) I am going to give you some hacks that I used to use last year.

1. Confidence is key!
To live a healthy life, you should start to like yourself the way you are. Wear clothes you like and which fit your body, use some makeup that flatters you and do some sport to feel sporty.

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2. Drink water!
Water has no calories and clears your body. If you want something fruity put a piece of lime or lemon in it to give the water a good taste.

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3. Replace sweets with fruits!
If you think that your body need some sugar eat sweet fruits like strawberrys, blueberrys, apples, bananas or rasberrys. They`re very healthy for you and have very little calories.

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4. Do some sport!
Find a hobby you like or go to the gym - it shapes your body and makes you feel good. Personally, I play tennis and go to the gym twice a week to feel great and to stay in shape.

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5. Cook your own meals!
If you cook your own meals, you can be sure that there isn`t much sugar or some additives in it.

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Well, this was my first article and I am from Germany, so I am sorry if there are some mistakes in it. Please don`t be so hard with me! I hoped you liked it. I am trying to write some other articles soon!
Love, Nele