hii hearters,

my name is Aisa-Joy and so here is my story.

sport more

fit, fitness, and gym image fitness image
i need to love myself more, like my own body and be more confident.

concentrate more on school

study and coffee image study and college image
i want to change from school and education, and when i did that i really want to do my best!

hang more with friends

girl, friends, and food image girl, friends, and bitch image
i love my friends, and i love to be with them!

enjoy life a little bit more

enjoy, texte, and life image fun, woman, and hug image
i litterly laugh most of the day, but i also want to be genuinely happy.

eat healthy

fruit, healthy, and peanut butter image fitness, veggies, and food image
but the bad thing is that i know of myself that i cannot do that soo lets say that im gonna eat what i want. lol

watch good movies

the fault in our stars, augustus waters, and Shailene Woodley image comedy, singles, and romance image
the two movies below, i love them soo much, and i need more really good movies in my life.

don't be sad

grunge, forever, and quotes image the perks of being a wallflower and logan lerman image
Most of the time i have lot's of moodswings of being sad and very happy, and i want to change that!

sooo babes, this was it.
ik hope i helped you guys a little…
have a nice day!

Loves Aisa-Joy