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➳ happiness can be found anywhere & anytime. it's up to you to find it and appreciate it.

➳ for all of you who say that nothing can make you happy, here's a list of ①⓪⓪ things that make me happy, and hopefully you'll find something relatable to you!!

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Let's get started...

  • dogs & other animals being cute
  • spending time with my best friend(s)
  • my school classmates, they are all so funny and make my day!!
  • doing face masks
  • listening to music
  • bullet journalling
  • drawing
  • dancing
  • writing articles
  • scrolling through WHI & pinterest finding inspiration
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  • watching movies
  • fashionable clothing
  • people being kind to eachother
  • travelling to new places
  • my home
  • good looking makeup
  • reading new books
  • decorating
  • seeing beautiful buildings & architecture
  • astrology
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  • being by the sea
  • skiing
  • being in the mountains
  • peaceful moments while i'm sitting in a bus/tram
  • watching the rain from home while drinking tea
  • different languages & different people
  • myths & legends
  • long walks in nature
  • laughing with my friends until my stomach hurts and i start crying from joy
  • baking
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  • ice skating & eating pancakes afterwards
  • birthday parties
  • glow ups
  • working out believe it or not
  • seeing positive changes on my body
  • wearing cute clothes & putting on makeup
  • taking selfies and having photoshoots
  • amusement parks
  • talking to people i'd like to be friends with
  • playing in snow like a little kid
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  • watching the street lights from the car
  • authentic places
  • late night conversations with best friends
  • self care
  • photography
  • seeing people desperately in love
  • sweaters
  • holiday vibes
  • the harry potter series
  • magical stuff
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  • cozy moments by the fireplace
  • hotels i'm staying at on my skiing vacations (they are all so cozy)
  • flying in a plane
  • trying new things
  • watching the stars
  • eating out with friends
  • watching videos on getting my life together
  • actually getting my life together
  • autumn and it's beautiful colors
  • waking up early & kickstarting the day
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  • learning new things
  • have i mentioned dogs??
  • meaningful hugs
  • seeing friends after a long time and catching up
  • giving (and getting) presents
  • exploring unfamiliar cities & places
  • vacations
  • libraries
  • cute coffee shops & bakeries
  • old-fashioned movies & music
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  • jazz hop music (i find it really calming, especially while i'm bullet journalling)
  • late night adventures
  • sleepovers
  • compliments
  • seeing other people laughing and smiling
  • cute boys (i'm not joking it can acutally make my day sometimes lol i need help)
  • scented candles
  • reading inspiring quotes, stories & articles
  • being productive lmao
  • trains & travelling by trains
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  • new experiences
  • the moons and the stars
  • being carefree
  • stepping out of my comfort zone
  • achieving goals
  • seeing other people grow and develop
  • being healthy
  • people who are just so pure, honest & unique
  • golden hour
  • organizing things
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  • making other people happy
  • family gatherings
  • people being the honest & real version of themselves
  • fireworks
  • doing stupid but fun stuff with friends
  • shopping
  • doing the things i love & living my best life
  • cute little apartments with a lot of plants
  • when people let their beautiful soul shine
  • me being the wonderful person i am, despite still growing, developing & bettering myself every day
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➳ the important thing to understand is that happiness isn't found only in big & spectacular things, such as getting married, buying a house, gratuating college... it's more often found in the little everyday things you may haven't even noticed you loved. when you take a look at one of your ordinary days, you'll see so many wonderful things that bring you joy. so many situations & places where you feel at home, being yourself and truly happy.

➳ now it's time to start appreciating those subtle moments of pure happiness, because they are the most important ones. life is all about enjoying the little & meaningful things, such as the ones from my list. i'm glad i got to share it with you, and i encourage you to make your own list of happiness. it's a great thing to read to remind yourself there's still good & happiness in this world. i hope this article made you realize that.

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