1. Travel to Bethel
I’d love to see what Jehovah’s organisation is like.

Image by SophieHill4482

2.Travel to Cape Town
Cape Town is an have to go. I love all the glorious mountains and blue skies.

3. Go to unassigned territory as a Regular Pioneer
I like to preach far. I like to travel and see other places.

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4. Buy The Sun Is Also A Star
I love all Nicola Yoon books. She has a mind of someone who constantly writes.

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5. Drive
I am doing my drivers this month and I am excited. I need to drive now. I am turning 20.

6. Buy Calligraphy stationery
I love calligraphy and I want to improve

7. Finish writing 2 books
I have two books on Wattpad that I’d like to finish.

8. Read 1 book in 2 months
Reading is important


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9. Earn from website and website testing
I heard you get so much money

That is all 😀😀