Hey guys❤

I wanted to change the topic of my articles so here are some of the guys that really can d*ck me down.
I'm sure you know them and that you will think just as me at least with one of them 😏...

ok, so let's get into it..

Jack Gilinsky

boys, celebrities, and jack gilinsky image jack gilinsky, Hot, and boy image

Shawn Mendes

boy, shawn mendes, and handsome image shawn mendes image shawn mendes, shawn, and mendes image

Rafael Miller

boy, handsome, and muscles image boy and man image rafael miller image

Grayson Dolan

grayson dolan image grayson dolan, dolan, and grayson image Image by fatty
...I think Ethan is hot AF too, btw

Lil drip

daddy, ilovehim, and papi image adym yorba image
AKA Adym/Ricco

Harry Raftus

harry raftus image boy and icon image

......I'll leave this here because I'll continue it on a second part later!

Heart this if you think at least one of these guys are hot AF (admit it, all of they are) lol
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you liked it!!<3

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