i already made a bias list with the groups that i stan, so, i decided to do with groups that i was stan or listen some songs. let's get it!!

(sorry for gramatical errors, english isn't my paternal language!!!)

exo - chanyeol and yixing

exo, chanyeol, and kpop image lay, exo, and zhang yixing image

blackpink - jisoo

blackpink, jisoo, and kpop image

apink - naeun

percent, naeun, and kpop apink image

snsd - taeyeon and stephanie

Image by 🐺 Image by Leonela Mansilla

shinee - kibum

SHINee, key, and kpop image

monsta x - minhyuk and changkyun

kpop, minhyuk, and monsta x image icon, kpop, and selca image

f(x) - luna

fx, korean, and park sunyoung image

sistar - bora

actress, idol, and kpop image

aoa - jimin

aöä, shin jimin, and jimin image

ioi - sejeong and somi

aesthetic, bambi, and indie image ioi, somi, and kpop image

girls day - minah

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

stray kids - felix

stray kids image

pentagon - changgu

Image by cleo

idle - miyeon

Image by ana beatriz

pristin - kyulkyung and nayoung

high, k-pop, and kpop image nayoung, pristin, and pristin v image

momoland - yeonwoo and nancy

girl, kpop, and yeonwoo image beauty, Nancy, and momoland image